Mummy's Mask - By David L

Empty Graves: Session 1

The Auction


Welcome to the chronicle of our campaign! First, meet our players:

Khoresh – Tiefling Oracle/Paladin of the Old Gods. Lady Armelle recruited him from the country of Rahadoum. Khoresh is a creature of contradictions – a spawn of fiends who is dedicated to doing good. A worshiper who doesn’t believe in the (new) gods. We know that he seeks to understand the old Osirian gods. Not much else is known about Khoresh’s mysterious past…

Setka – Android Wizard/Alchemist, part-time detective. Lady Armelle recruited him from his run-down office in Absalom. Setka is an Android seeking his past. Like all of his kind, he remembers waking up one day, fully grown, having Renewed from his past life. He was initially found by a Pathfinder wandering the Osirian Desert. Khai, his rescuer, returned him to civilization and taught him of the modern world. But Setka was unsatisfied with the Pathfinder society. The society taught him that relics were to be preserved, that they belonged in museums. But what was he, if not a relic of the past? And so he set out on his own, to discover his past in the land of shifting sands.

Session 1 – The Auction

This story starts with our heroes being ferried across the mighty River Sphinx towards the city of Wati. Their employer, the mysterious Lady Armelle, is fuming. They had suffered multiple delays on their way to the city and had almost certainly missed their appointment. They were to reach the city for the long-awaited opening of its giant necropolis to curious treasure-seekers. Only a select few would be allowed to loot the treasures of the ancient dead, for the ruling Pharasmin clergy had twisted the Ruby Prince’s decree that all tombs would be opened. The Pharasmins held that all tombs would be accessible, but only over time, and only to those the Lady of Mysteries selected herself, in a lottery.

Armelle was convinced that the Pharasmins had deliberately slowed their journey, for they did not want her organization, the Aspis Consortium, to gain a foothold. This would prove only too prophetic for the PCs…

Exploring the City

Upon arriving in the city, having completely missed the lottery and the necropolis-delve, the PCs consoled themselves with the idea that they would at least get to attend the auction of the goods that were found in the city. The auction was only to be held the next night, however, and the PCs took the opportunity to explore the city.

They ran into several oddities in the bustling city – many adventurers from near and far were there to see the treasures of the ancient pharaos. They were accosted by the Pharasmin Keeper of the Holy Crocodiles, who, it quickly became clear, was making a little money on the side selling relics of the crocodiles. The PCs were rightfully disgusted.

Later that night, the PCs mingled with other adventurers in the Tooth and Hookah, Wati’s premiere tavern. The tavern was redecorated specifically for the grand opening of the necropolis, looking more like a story-book tavern than any real tavern ever could. Khoresh spent some time socializing with “Mad Dog” Marrn, a halfling barbarian who leads the Dog Soldiers crew. It’s unclear which is more doglike, the vicious halflings in his crew or their literal attack dogs.

Meanwhile, Setka was getting to know an ostentatious Taldan, Velriana Hypaxes. She led her band, the Scorched Hand into the city during the lottery. She confided in Setka, telling him that she had found a mysterious tablet in the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye, a temple to her god, Nethys. With a truly impressive Diplomacy roll, Setka convinced her to show him the ancient tablet…


Velriana wasn’t sure what this tablet was referring to – whatever it was, it wasn’t at the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye…

The Auction Itself


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